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In compliance with the Civil Service Commission’s (CSC) rules on personnel management, each agency shall require a daily record of attendance of officers and employees including those serving in the field or on the water; to be kept on the proper form, and whenever possible, registered on the bundy clock. It is important to remember that the time record is a legal document that provides the basis for payment of salary and accrual of leave credits.

The time record must contain a certification statement attesting to the accuracy of the record, which must be signed by the employee. The time record must also be certified by the supervisor. The record of attendance must show actual hours worked.

This includes all hours worked beyond the basic workweek for both overtime eligible and overtime ineligible employees. Since supervisors are required to certify the actual hours worked by both overtime eligible and overtime ineligible employees, supervisors must monitor the actual hours worked by these employees.

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Supervisors should ensure that procedures and expectations with respect to additional hours of work have been clearly communicated to employees .

Automated Employee Attendance Daily time record system is a computerized medium of gathering data, this is the time taken to achieve a given daily objective or task. The time will vary with a given task and can range from house related tasks to work related task.

It is the method of logging and organizing time information. It can be used for work projects, bus schedules, and airplane schedules or at school schedules.

Computerized Daily Time Record completely replaces manual time card machines or your hand written time and attendance records. It is a computer based time clock and time keeping solutions that record and monitor employees’ log-in/log-out times by means of computer system.

According to www. system. webcrawler. com there are several positive factors that DTRS can give, it will give an accurate time control management to the employee, and it can give accurate time computation, decreases the paper works and other equipment expenses.

AEADTR plays major rule in the payroll system, thus, it gives computerized and ready to use data instantly. DTRS can make payroll processing easy and it may lead to accurate recording of payroll information.

This Automated Employee Attendance Daily Time Record focuses on the need to design a system that will automatically arrange the record and calculate the average attendance of each employee. A well-conceived and implemented automated employee record system can reduce the costs of handling the paperwork associated with record keeping.

Manual attendance record system is not efficient and requires time to arrange record and to calculate the average attendance of each individual employee. Automated employee Attendance Daily Time Record is intended to replace the manual model of attendance record keeping.

Merry Child School is using ball pen or log book to record its attendance this system need a computer and the employee will record his/her attendance with a password and the system will arrange the record and calculate the average attendance of the employee.

By the programmed database, it will provide job details to the human resources department as the salary period comes. With this programmed database, the accumulation of employee information will be possible and at the same time helps managers to employ simple approach to inspect the employee information for verification of truth.

This programmed database will allow the supervisor to establish timetable for each employee including recess times, holidays and whether overtime is needed. Daily Time Software is used by many organizations to assist hold course of employee hours for payroll purposes.

Daily Time Software tracks employee time information in a database that helps managers to have simple entry to employee data and to analyze the data for accuracy. The Daily Time Clock packages provide scheduled administration. Daily Time Software innovative structure features fundamental coverage and connections to payroll systems.

At the conclusion of the salary time, each employee's hours are automatically reported to the human resources department, reducing paperwork and eliminating errors. Arrival and exit times using a computer time clock. To log in/log away, employees take unusual identifiers, such as cards with magnetic stripe or barcodes, biometric input devices that stop fingerprints or handprints, and iris scanners that are not widely distributed because of privacy concerns. Daily Time Software completely replaces manual time card machines or your hand written time and attendance records.

Daily Time Software eliminates the need for you to spend more hours each week compiling your manual Bundy systems into a report to supply to your payroll department. Daily Time Software saves hours of generating automated payroll reports for your employees by simply, printing out the reports and write the checks.

It records and provides real time and updated Merry Child School employee time-ins and outs, pass slips (personal or official), leave credits, overtimes and even deviances. The office policies (internal and external) were used as the basis of the automated computations and as the guideline for the implementation of the system. This system attempts to lessen the time spent of the Personnel Unit in manually computing the leave credits and overtimes; thus making the maintenance of the records of the staffs of MCS easier.

It also records the number of hours spent by an employee whenever he/she gets out of the office by virtue of the pass slip or request for a vehicle. Employee’s violations such as tardiness and under-times are likewise recorded. With the automation of the processes, the Personnel Unit are has more time to work on their other deliverables, thus improve their productivity.

The proposed system contains attendance record in electronic files containing details of absence or presence of a specific employee registration during a semester. Attendance records have been collected on paper forms and verified with hand written signatures.

However, the increasing demand for automated employee attendance daily time record should be implemented as soon as possible in order to reduce the costs of handling the paper works with record keeping.

This proposed system described in this document should be implemented also in different school and all automated systems must follow the standard procedures. This study will try to organize the current school attendance record system that will be much quicker and will save time.

Statement of the Problem

The proposed “Automated Employee Attendance daily time record” to the Merry Child School seeks to develop their current system and provides answers to the following problems specifically on payroll processing such as the security issues, inaccurate calculation of working time, total late, total absences, and under time.

Manual process can lead to poor service and delayed payroll creation. Damage or loss of the manual process may lead to inaccurate file restoration and it’ll affect the momentum of payroll creation and both the employer and the employee will suffer.


The sole purpose of this study is to provide quality and genuine service involving the employee’s personal information to create a system that is called the Automated Employee Attendance Daily Time record. It may solve related issues according to the data gathered from the school.

This system is designed to create an automated DTR or so called the AEADTR system that will ensure the employee to receive a total security of its data, proper monitoring of reports in each employee, and for rating and prompting the employee for their overall remarks according to their record.

It also provides a user friendly environment that would ensure both quality and easy manipulation. This system is developed to provide accurate and safe computation of data being gathered through each employee of Merry Child School, to provide proper time management to the administration, to lessen the expenses of the institution and to properly monitor the attendance of the employees. This is to evaluate if the system has provided the administrator the needs and fill up the missing piece of their business.

Scope and Limitations

The scope of the study focuses on attendance processing that will provide management of the daily time record, computation of total duty hour, absences, overtime and late. The output data of this system will be used as reference in creating a payroll. In addition, the system will provide total security of data, monitoring of the employees reports, and evaluating each employee based on the data shown in their records. For the security, the system is equipped with unique barcode scanning that will scan each identification card of the employee containing the barcode and safely store it to the database that can be used for future references.

For monitoring, the system will automatically generate a prompt to the employee if the employee has a good attendance standing. This will allow the admin to instantly monitor each one of the institutions constituents.

Significance of the study

This system could contribute to the better and brighter way of processing the Daily time record by providing accurate and stable data gathering through its secure and precise processes. Accounting department could benefit this system because of its fast and accurate process and will result to reducing their discomfort of preparing employee salary.

Also this system provides reports to each employee that could help the administrator identify which of them acquire excellent or poor status. The administrator can prepare the salary fast with its pay Slip ready through the help of both DTR system and Payroll system working together and this could benefit the employer and the employee. This study will also benefit the next generation of students that will take the degree of any computer studies courses in Capitol University. If approved, then, this will serve as their reference for future research.

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What is computerized daily time record? ›

Daily Time Record (DTR) is the process of monitoring and organizing time information. Far from just being a way to monitor the attendance of an employee, having a DTR system allows a company to effectively manage its employees by providing adequate data.

What is the importance of DTR? ›

Clinical Significance

The DTR is used to assess the integrity of the motor system and provides information on the condition of upper and lower motor neurons. A hypoactive or absent reflex will be noted if a patient has an injury or a disease involving a lower motor neuron (nerve roots or peripheral nerves).

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"SECTION 1. It shall be the duty of each head of department or agency to require all officers and employees under him to strictly observe the prescribed office hours.

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Time recording gives staff a picture of their contribution to the company in terms of costs and profit. This provides the incentive to review their performance and adjust methods of working if necessary.

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  • II. Legal Records. ...
  • III. Fiscal Records. ...
  • IV. Historical Records. ...
  • V. Research Records. ...
  • VI. Electronic Records.

Is daily time record a public document? ›

[T]he daily time record that a public official or employee must fill up is a public document which has characteristics distinct from other public documents.

Who is responsible in record keeping? ›

Record custodians maintain, secure, and care for records in accordance with company guidelines. This individual is the manager of a unit assigned to the role by the record proprietor. In some cases the record proprietor and record custodian may be the same person, and there could actually be more than one custodian.

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Implementing automated processes minimizes errors and redundancies, resulting in much more efficient work. On average, managers spend at least eight hours a week on manual data tasks- that's one full workday per week! Automation relieves mundane tasks, allowing employees to focus on high-value work.

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To automate record-keeping, use a Workflow Management platform to support your business processes and record details of the work you perform. To set this up, you define a workflow and forms that capture the recurring tasks in your business processes.

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Advantages of an automated records management system

Enabling complete management of records from creation to declaration to disposition. Managing physical and digital records from a single platform. Automating tasks like declarations, approvals, holds, retention and disposal to improve consistency and precision.

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An automation system is an integration of sensors, controls, and actuators designed to perform a function with minimal or no human intervention. The field concerned in this subject is called Mechatronics which is an interdisciplinary branch of engineering that combines mechanical, electrical, and electronic systems.

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Good recordkeeping can be your proof that you have made considered decisions and taken appropriate actions. Records become your protection if you are questioned or challenged. Without them, you are at risk. Good recordkeeping can not only protect you but can support your organisation in legal or other challenges.

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Examples include documents, books, paper, electronic records, photographs, videos, sound recordings, databases, and other data compilations that are used for multiple purposes, or other material, regardless of physical form or characteristics.

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5 Tips to Better Your Time Management
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The most common business records include:
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  • Employee timesheets.
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  • All tax forms submitted to the IRS.
  • Bank statements.
  • Insurance documents.
  • Contracts, including loans and mortgages.
  • Purchase receipts.
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What is the summary of daily time record? ›

Daily Time Record (DTR) is the process of monitoring and organizing time information. Far from just being a way to monitor the attendance of an employee, having a DTR system allows a company to effectively manage its employees by providing adequate data.

Who signs the daily time record? ›

The time of arrival and departure appearing in the Daily Attendance Blotter required under Memorandum Order No. 6j59, dated January 22, 1979, shall be the one reflected in the Daily Time Record duly certified by the employee concerned and verified by his or her supervisor.

What are the key steps in records management? ›

5 Steps to an Effective Records Management Program
  • Step 1: Set-up a Records Retention Schedule. ...
  • Step 2: Policies and Procedures. ...
  • Step 3: Accessibility, Indexing, and Storage. ...
  • Step 4: Compliance Auditing. ...
  • Step 5: Disposal of Obsolete Records.

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(a) For paper records containing information that is confidential or exempt from disclosure, appropriate destruction methods include burning in an industrial incineration facility, pulping, pulverizing, shredding, or macerating.

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The documents administered through records management include anything produced as the result of a business transaction. Examples of the records that may be managed include paper documents, audio and video recordings, emails, and instant message logs.

What are the advantages of computerized record keeping systems? ›

What are the Benefits of Digital Record Keeping?
  • Quick, Easy Document Access. ...
  • Improve Data Safety and Security. ...
  • GDPR Compliance. ...
  • Standardised Workflow. ...
  • Easier Collaboration. ...
  • Improve the Workplace Environment. ...
  • Going Digital Gives You Many Avenues for Improvement.
Jan 28, 2022

What is DTR means in school? ›


What is computerized information service? ›

Computerised information system means a system including the input of data, electronic processing and the output of information to be used either for reporting, automatic control or documentation.

What are 3 advantages of computerized system? ›

The advantages of a computerized system include faster and more efficient record-keeping, access to real-time financial data, automated invoicing and cost savings.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of electronic records? ›

EHRs have the potential to lower costs, improve productivity, and increase patient comfort. At the same time, implementing EHRs is a long and complicated process. Some of the major challenges that EHRs face include interoperability and data privacy.

What are the examples of computerized information system? ›

Tools such as laptops, databases, networks, and smartphones are examples of information systems.

What does DRT stand for in teaching? ›

Diagnostic Resource Teacher. DRT. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders by the American Psychiatric Association.

What does ELB mean in school? ›

Effective Learning Behaviour Grades (ELBs)

What is a DTR report? ›

Drivers Trip Report (DTR) keep record of miles driven and fuel purchased in each state in accordance with state laws. Trip report is sized 8.5"x11". Sold in quantities of 1000 three part forms that include a white top sheet, pink inside, and yellow back on NCR paper.

What are the four most common computer based information systems? ›

There are four common types of information systems, and these are transaction processing systems, management information systems, decision-support systems, and executive support systems.

What are the 6 components of computer based information system? ›

Hence, information systems can be viewed as having six major components: hardware, software, network communications, data, people, and processes. Each has a specific role, and all roles must work together to have a working information system.

What are the five functions of computer based information system? ›

Organizations have embraced computer based information systems (CBIS) in their managerial functions of planning, coordinating, directing, controlling and decision making to improve on their organizational performance.


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