Which Factors Do Sociologists Suspect Were The Cause For Such A High Divorce Rate During The 1960s? A.There (2023)

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Answer 1


(A) There was an increase in women working outside of the home, and also, greater social acceptance of divorce.


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Which of the following is an advantage of primary data? a.They are more relevant than secondary data.
b.They are generally already in an organization's possession.
c.They can usually be obtained more quickly than secondary data.
d.They are generally less expensive to obtain than secondary data.


The main advantage of primary data is that a.They are more relevant than secondary data.

Primary Data

  • This is data that is collected first hand by the person or organization doing the research.
  • It is collected based on a certain research topic.

As primary data is collected to satisfy the needs of a particular research, we can say that it is more relevant to that topic. Secondary data on the other hand, might not be as relevant and will only allow references to be drawn.

In conclusion, option A is correct.

Find out more about primary data at brainly.com/question/14276677.

The correct answer is letter C

Explanation: Primary data is data that has not yet been collected. They are researched in order to meet the specific needs of the research in progress. They are used in the market segmentation process.

Which of the following statements is false? a) The functionalist perspective has been criticized because it fails to consider how much dysfunction a society has.
b) Functionalists assume consensus because all persons in society have learned the same cultural values, rules, and expectations.
c) Conflict theorists view culture as having a uniting effect on society.
d) Conflict theorists argue that people with power manipulate institutions such as religion and education.



Correct answer is 'c' conflict theorists view culture as having a uniting effect on society.. this statement is false.


Although functionalist have the consensus that all people in society have learned the same cultural values, rules and expectations, the conflict theorist do not agree on that as they do not see culture as having the uniting effect that functionalists claim. They rather see society as composed groups and each group protects its own interests and wants to make their own cultural ways dominant in the society. Conflict theorist identify a tension between meso and macro levels, whereas functionalists tend to focus on harmony and smooth integration between those levels.

In addition to the general provisions of the Common Rule (the federal regulations for protecting research subjects), the following regulations also govern research in the public schools:___________



FERPA, PPRA, and Subpart D of the federal regulations


FERPA is the abbreviation of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act which is a Federal Law that protects the privacy of students' records.

PPRA is the abbreviation of the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment, which is a Federal Law that grants parents certain rights with respect to their minor children regarding surveys containing questions of personal nature.

Subpart D of the federal regulations provides certain protection to children who are involved in research activities.

Eight-month-old Elisha's crib is located near a large mirror on her dresser, yet Elisha barely ever stops to look at herself in the mirror. On the other hand, her 18-month-old sister, Amanda, stops regularly to gaze at herself as she crawls around on the floor near the full-length bathroom mirror. What is the likely reason that Amanda looks at the mirror but Elisha does not? A.Amanda has developed self-awareness or knowledge of herself.
B.Amanda's self-awareness has begun to develop into narcissism.
C.Elisha has developed self-awareness but is too interested in other things to look at herself.
D.Amanda's mother has given her more attention than Elisha.



A. Amanda has developed self-awareness or knowledge of herself.


Based on the information provided within the question it can be said that the most likely reason for this scenario is that Amanda has developed self-awareness, or knowledge of herself and Elisha has not yet developed this. This term refers to being conscious of your own character and feelings. Which would explain why Amanda keeps looking at herself in the mirror.

Terrence's father abandoned him and his mother when he was six years old. When asked about hisfather, he says that his father died. Although his father has tried to contact him, Terrence insists thathis father is dead. Which of the following elements of Freudian theory would best explain Terrence'sbehavior? a. Electra complex
b. Oedipus complex
c. Defense mechanism
d. Penis envy


A defensive mechanism is a psychological method that a person has employed unknowingly to prevent worry, stress, and unhappiness.

In their day-to-day activities, everyone employs protective mechanisms. When we seek to shield ourselves from anxiety and other situations that arise as a result of conflict in our personality development phases, we adopt ego defense.

So, Option "C" is the correct answer to the following question.

Learn more:



Defense mechanism


A defense mechanism is a psychological strategy that has been used unconsciously by a person to prevent themselves from anxiety stress and depression. All people use defense mechanisms in their life in the day to day activities. Ego defense is used when we want to protect ourselves from anxiety and other situation that occurs due to conflict in our personality development stages.

When our Id gets too demanding, we used defense mechanism. Defense mechanism was proposed by Sigmund Freud and His daughter Anna Freud. The defense mechanism is used at the level of unconsciousness and avoid unpleasant things and situation.

A friend stated that when she went to a clinic, she had to spend several 30- to 60-second sessions shaking her head from side to side, spinning in a chair, tensing all her muscles, hyperventilating, or breathing through a narrow straw. She is surprised that you correctly guessed that she is receiving treatment for____________.



Panic Disorder


Another form of anxiety disorder is panic disorder. It triggers anxiety attacks, even if there is no serious danger, are unexpected feelings of fear.

You might feel like you're losing control.

You might have physical effects, similarly:

  • Fast heartbeat.
  • Pain in the chest or abdomen.
  • Hard to breathe.
  • Lack of energy or faint sensations.
  • High fever and excessive sweating.
  • Feeling lightheaded, or ice cold.
  • Thrusting or numb fingers and palms.

Women's sexual receptivity differs from that of nonhuman female mammals in being more responsive to ________ levels than to estrogen levels. A)glucose


The correct answer is letter D

Testosterone is the main male hormone, being responsible for characteristics such as beard growth, thickening of the voice and increased muscle mass, in addition to stimulating the production of sperm, being directly related to male fertility.

A sacred story which uses real life characters to pass on an important life lesson, often challenging social norms of the time, is called a(n):


The correct answer is Parable

Explanation: Parable is a short narrative that uses allegories to convey a moral lesson. Parables are very common in Eastern literature and consist of stories that are meant to bring some teaching to life.

ap psych professor pisco has devoted her professional life to researching desires and needs that energize and direct behavior her area of research has obviously been______________.


The correct answer is Motivational/Motivation

Motivational psychology is an approach that observes the behavior of human beings in different situations, with the aim of trying to understand what makes the individual feel motivated and how he reacts to different stimuli. Issues of greater importance, such as living abroad, are also influenced by motivation

Dating violence is a pattern of emotional, physical, psychological, verbal and/or sexual abuse used to exert power and control over a partner.



True, Dating violence is a pattern of emotional, physical, psychological, verbal and/or sexual abuse used to exert power and control over a partner.


Violence is the act of controlling or influencing someone else's behavior in our case a partner. Emotional and psychological violence can be applied when the aggressor diminishes or minimizes the partner's self-esteem by insulting him or her or by qualifying him or her about something. Physical violence can be employed when physical contact determines the partner's behavior, verbal when insults and offenses determine the partner's behavior, sexual when the aggressors force the partner to perform sexual behavior against the partner's will.

ASL allows Deaf people to share meanings, which are common experiences, cultural beliefs, and values. Group of answer choices 1. True
2. False


Correct question should be:

ASL allows Deaf people to share meanings, which are common experiences, cultural beliefs, and values.

1. True

2. False

Answer: True.


The ASL is an acronym which stands for American Sign Language, which is a mode of communicating to the deaf people using hand signs and facial expressions. The ASL makes it possible for the deaf to communicate their experience, cultural beliefs and express themselves to others.




Most deaf people wouldn't be able to communicate without ASL

Which statement is true? A. The percentage of teens who are sexually active has remained stable over time.
B. There are more teens who are sexually active today than in previous years.
C. There are more teens who are not sexually active than ones who are.
D. There are no surveys about the number of teens who are sexually active.


The true statement is option (C):

"There are more teens who are not bodily active than ones who are."

A person is said to be bodily active if they are engaged in intimate or sensual relations with others on regular basis.

A bodily active person is more emotional to other people.

At present times, most of the teens are less physically/bodily active as they are more focused on building their career and future.

Learn More :



There are more teens who are not sexually active than ones who are is the TRUE statement from among the given statements.

Option: (C)


  • The studies conducted over teens suggest that sexual activity in teens is low in comparison to their older counterparts.
  • The number of sexually active teens has always remained less than teens who are not active sexually.
  • The numbers are so because most teens bear the fear of certain factors and are shy to take initiative.

In a complete sexual response cycle a. the excitement phase immediately precedes orgasm.
b. orgasm immediately precedes the excitement phase.
c. the plateau phase immediately precedes orgasm.
d. the excitement phase immediately precedes the resolution phase.
e. the plateau phase immediately precedes the excitement phase.



In a complete sexual response cycle the plateau phase immediately precedes orgasm.


The sexual response cycle has four phases, which comes one after another and they are excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. The excitement phase is the first stage, which occurs as a result of physical or mental erotic stimuli such as kissing, touching or viewing erotic videos and images leading to sexual arousal. It is in this stage, the body prepares for sexual intercourse leading to the plateau phase then to the orgasm stage and then resolution.

What ingredient was originally used to bleach flour at the time that Harvey W. Wiley, head of the FDA successfully, got the practice of bleaching flour banned in the US for a short time?


Chlorine gas , Chlorine dioxide , Nitrogen dioxide , Calcium, benzoyl peroxides and Azodicarbonamide are the ingredients that were used to bleach flour in the US for a short time.


Harvey W. Wiley, head of the FDA struggled against benzoic acid, saccharin, sulfites and bleached flour. He prevented the bleaching of flour and got the practice of bleaching flour banned in the US for a short time.

Flour bleaching is a chemical treatment that are added directly to the freshly-milled flour to produce whiter and finer-grain flour.

These bleaching agents are poisonous, powerful irritant and dangerous to inhale. Alloxan causes diabetes and creates greater risk to the public.

Dr. Murray seeks to understand how and why people change over time. She studies all kinds of people from different age groups, cultures, orientations, and backgrounds. She is MOST likely a(n):


The correct answer is Developmental Scientist

Explanation: Development scientists studied how quantitative and qualitative changes and stability in the physical, cognitive and psychosocial domains.

After breaking up with his girlfriend, Eric came down with a severe respiratory infection. His illness may have been caused to a large extent by a(n) ________ in his body's production of ________.


The correct answer is Decrease, lymphocytes


The ability to learn from one's experiences, acquire knowledge, and use resources effectively when faced with challenges or problems is the psychologist's working definition of ________. 1. creative thinking
2. divergent problem
3. solving intelligence
4.heuristic usage


Answer: (3) Solving intelligence


The intelligence is the term which refers to the ability for acquiring the skills and the knowledge for using the given resources more effectively.

The intelligence is the capability for understanding the various types of factors such as logic, learning, planning, reasoning and the problem solving ability.

The artificial intelligence is one of the basic type of the intelligence. It is also known as the hypothetical idea that adapting the various types of changes and it also refers to the cognitive skills.

Therefore, Option (3) is correct.

Scenario: You are the President of Lawrence College. You and the American Red Cross Shelter Manager have contacted the Incident Command Post concerning the ability to meet the nutritional and long term pharmaceutical needs of the elderly residents. The Liaison Officer requests assistance from theEmergency Operations Center. What NIMS Management Characteristic is being demonstrated?


The choices are:

Modular Organization

Comprehensive Resource Management

Establishment and Transfer of Command

Dispatch or Deployment


The answer is "Comprehensive Resource Management."


NIMS Management is also known as "National Incident Management System." This is an approach to incident management that is comprehensive in nature. This provides a standard of framework by which all organizations (from the government to the private sectors) follow whenever an incident occurs.

This approach consists of proven characteristics that are essential in order for it to be followed successfully. Some of these are: Common Terminology, Modular Organization, Management by Objectives, Incident Action Planning, Manageable Span of Control, etc.

Among the characteristics, the scenario above shows the characteristic of "Comprehensive Resource Management." This is all about identifying resources and knowing their types, mobilizing and tracking of reports, planning for the resources, giving certification and credentials to eligible personnel, inventorying stocks, etc.

Contacting the Incident Command Post by telling them about the nutritional needs of the elderly residents is part of this process. Here, you are trying to know the resources available and how you are going to meet them.

Marx believed that conflict between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat was inevitable and that the ultimate result of this class struggle would be ______.



Marx believed that conflict between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat was inevitable and that the ultimate result of this class struggle would be the victory of the proletariat.


  • With the social pressure in view that Karl Marx believed the proletariats were capable of exerting on the bourgeoisie, he thought that the ongoing conflict between the two classes would lead to a revolution that would eventually result in the establishment of a classless society.
  • He believed that the inequality prevalent in society itself was the cause of the conflict between the two classes and it would only end with the bourgeoisie surrendering to the proletariats.

Vanna, who is 40, apparently believes that she is a 20 year old woman. suddenly she starts to speak and behave very differently, and says she no longer thinks of herself as "vanna". Instead, she claims to be Elise, a 10- year old child. it is very likely that vanna has just experienced a A. Switch
B. Conversion reaction
C. Schizophrenic moment
D. Diss.. trance disorder



A. Switch


Dissociative identity disorder is a serious form of dissociation, a mental phenomenon that results in an inability to connect in the perceptions, memories, emotions, acts or sense of identity of an individual.

It is believed that dissociative identity disorder results from a variety of factors which may include trauma encountered by the disordered individual.

Dissociative identity disorder is defined by the existence of two or more different or split personalities or identitiesof personality which have continuous power over the actions of the individual. The "alters" or other characteristics have their very own age, gender, or ethnicity.

Each one of them has their own poses, movements and distinctive ways of speaking. The alters are sometimes fictional people; sometimes they can be animals. It is called "switching," as each personality shows itself and influences the actions and thoughts of the individuals.


Which Factors Do Sociologists Suspect Were The Cause For Such A High Divorce Rate During The 1960s? A.There? ›

Which factors do sociologists suspect were the cause for such a high divorce rate during the 1960's? There was an increase in women working outside of the home, and also, greater social acceptance of divorce.

How do sociologists explain the high rate of divorce in the United States? ›

Sociologists have observed that the divorce rate is affected by rapid social change and social upheavals such as war and depression. For example, in the US the divorce rate increased after both world wars and during and after the Vietnam War.

What is a contributing factor to the high divorce rate in the United States quizlet? ›

Among the factors that contribute to the rising divorce rate in the United States are greater social acceptance of divorce and the liberalization of divorce laws in many states.

Which of the following are factors that have contributed to the social acceptance of divorce quizlet? ›

What are some of the factors that have contributed to the social acceptance of divorce? -It is no longer considered necessary to endure an unhappy marriage. -Most states have adopted more liberal divorce laws, such as no-fault divorce. -Wives are becoming less-dependent on their husbands for income.

What was the most likely reason for divorce rate surge after World War II? ›

What was the reason for divorce rate surge after World War II? Soldiers returned home having been changed by the War and were probably less compatible with their wives.

What are some sociological factors that impact on divorce rate? ›

While not conclusive, the predominate factors that lead marriages to end in divorce are infidelity, adultery domestic violence, midlife crises, inexperience, and addictions such as alcoholism and gambling.

What are the major factors that have lead to such a high divorce rate? ›

Leading Causes of Divorce in the United States
  • Marital Infidelity. Different couples may respond to marital infidelity in different ways. ...
  • Financial Disagreements. ...
  • Weight Gain. ...
  • Lack of Intimacy. ...
  • Lack of Equality. ...
  • Lack of Preparation. ...
  • Poor Communication. ...
  • Addiction.

What are three factors associated with a high likelihood of divorce quizlet? ›

The younger one gets married, the higher the risk of divorce. Becoming pregnant or giving birth prior to marriage increase the likelihood of divorce. Cohabiting prior to marriage increases the risk of later divorce. The divorce rate for remarriages is higher than for first marriages.

What is one of the main reasons that divorce rates have continued to decline in the 21st century? ›

“One of the reasons for the decline is that the married population is getting older and more highly educated,” Cohen said. Fewer people are getting married, and those who do are the sort of people who are least likely to get divorced, he said.

What is a factor associated with increases in divorce? ›

Individual Characteristics Linked with Higher Rates of Divorce: Marrying at a young age (e.g., marrying younger than 22) Having less education (versus having a college degree) Having parents who divorced or who never married.

What are some factors that contribute to today's high rates of divorce and remarriage? ›

  • Lack of commitment (75%)
  • Infidelity / relationships outside of the marriage (59.6%)
  • Conflict, irreconcilable differences (57.7%)
  • Marrying too young (45.1%)
  • Money issues / debt (36.1%)
  • Substance abuse / alcohol addiction (34.6%)
  • Communication problems (31.9%)
  • Inability to have children (27%)

Which two factors probably contributed to the recent decrease in the divorce rate in the US? ›

The decrease in divorce rates can be attributed to three probable factors: First, an increase in the age at which people get married, and second, an increased level of education among those who marry—both of which have been found to promote greater marital stability.

What are three factors that contribute to contemporary rises in middle aged divorce rates? ›

Divorce in Middle Age
  • Financial stress (particularly for women)
  • Changes in parent-adult child relationships. More reliance on children for social support, including caretaking. Decreased interaction and change in the quality of the relationship (particularly for fathers)
Feb 14, 2017

What is the reasons why divorce rates are so high in the US? ›

What factors are associated with a higher risk for divorce?
  • Young age. Marriage at a very young age increases the likelihood of divorce, especially in the early years of marriage.
  • Less education. ...
  • Less income. ...
  • Premarital cohabitation. ...
  • Premarital childbearing and pregnancy. ...
  • No religious affiliation. ...
  • Parents' divorce.

When were divorce rates the highest? ›

The divorce rate in the United States has remained fairly stable since 1988, and provisional data for 1993 show the rate to be 4.6 divorces per 1,000 population. The divorce rate had risen steadily from 2.5 in 1966 to a peak of 5.3 in both 1979 and 1981.

When did divorce rates reach an all time high? ›

5. The divorce rate per 1000 married women is nearly double that of 1960, but down from the all-time high of 22.6 in the early 1980s. 6. Almost 50 percent of all marriages in the United States will end in divorce or separation.

Which factor most likely increases the risk of divorce? ›

Studies consistently show that one of the major causes of divorce is financial struggles. Finances are one of the main things couples fight about. Being under financial stress can strain the relationship, leading to fights and general unhappiness.

What are the reasons for divorce according to sociological perspective? ›

Divorce may be affected and caused by many different aspects of life that include financial needs, personal differences, and lack of communication. Functionalism helps us view divorce in a skeptical way, symbolic interactionalism provides us a framework of interaction and feminism defines the gender identity.

What is the statistics cause of divorce? ›

Lack of commitment is the most common reason given by divorcing couples (73%) according to a recent national survey. Other reasons are frequent arguments (56%), infidelity (55%), unrealistic expectations (45%), lack of preparation for marriage (41%), and domestic violence (25%).

What are the 4 leading causes of divorce? ›

Reasons for Divorce
  • Commitment. ...
  • Infidelity. ...
  • Conflict and arguing. ...
  • Marrying too young. ...
  • Financial problems. ...
  • Substance abuse. ...
  • Domestic violence.

What causes high conflict divorce? ›

If a marriage has been filled with chronic conflict, then you should expect the divorce process to also be filled with conflict. In almost every high conflict case, the driving force fueling the conflict is a spouse who has a personality disorder or traits that result in a high conflict personality.

What makes a divorce high conflict? ›

What Is a High-Conflict Divorce? The term high-conflict divorce is used to describe divorces where one or both spouses engage in negative behaviors to intentionally derail the process or inflict unnecessary emotional pain on one another.

What are two major reasons cited for getting a divorce quizlet? ›

Couples typically cite communication problems, lack of "attachment", and life stress as the main reasons for divorce.

What are 3 reasons why the total number of marriages has been declining? ›

Sociological explanations for the long term decline in marriage include changing gender roles, the impact of feminism and female empowerment, economic factors such as the increasing cost of living and the individualisation associated with postmodernism.

Which of the following groups has the highest rate of divorce in the US? ›

Black adults have the highest divorce rate and the lowest marriage rate. But according to research, they also marry at later ages: 32 for men and 31 for women. Black women are the only group among other races with a number of divorces higher than the marriage rate.

What is the primary reason for the American divorce rate stabilizing? ›

the divorce rate has stabilized for the time being, rise of age in marriage. credit marriage education programs help failing marriages, government funded for those who cannot afford it. divorce rates may have stabilized or decline because cohabitation has increased.

Who causes more divorce? ›

A study led by the American Sociological Association determined that nearly 70% of divorces are initiated by women. And the percentage of college-educated American women who initiated divorce is even higher.

What is most likely the most important factor in the increase in divorce over the past hundred years? ›

- Perhaps most important factor in increase in divorce over last hundred years has been the greater social acceptance of divorce. Why do people get Divorced? - People who divorce and remarry are more likely to divorce again.

What might lead to the increased likelihood of divorce among the remarried? ›

People who have remarried tend to divorce more quickly than those first marriages. This may be due to the fact that they have fewer constraints on staying married (are more financially or psychologically independent).

Which has contributed to the high rate of divorce in the American society quizlet? ›

Which has contributed to high rate of divorce in American society? individualism.

What are 3 damaging effects divorce is believed to have on the American family? ›

Among these broad and damaging effects are the following: Children whose parents have divorced are increasingly the victims of abuse. They exhibit more health, behavioral, and emotional problems, are involved more frequently in and drug abuse, and have higher rates of suicide.

Why do couples divorce after 10 years? ›

Some of the most common include disagreements over money, infidelity, lack of communication, passive aggressive behavior and more. Other reasons for divorce include longer life expectancy, which may compel older couples to divorce, or the mental and emotional strain that comes with having young children.

What does the Bible say about divorce? ›

In the first, Matthew quotes Jesus as saying: “It was also said, 'Whoever divorces his wife, except on the grounds of porneia (sexual immorality), makes her an adulteress; and whoever marries a divorced woman commits adultery.” (Matthew 5:31-32).

What were the reasons for divorce in the Middle Ages? ›

Annulments took place before the courts and were expensive. One of the most common reasons cited for divorce was consanguinity; the close relations by blood or marriage of the intended parties. Other grounds for the dissolution of a marriage also included adultery, leprosy and impotency.

What sociological perspective explains divorce? ›

Functionalism, symbolic interactionism, and feminism are three of the major paradigms that have different levels on perspectives of the topic divorce.

How do sociologists define divorce? ›

Divorce is the legal dissolution of a marriage whereby a couple are no longer legally bound to one another.

How a conflict theorist might explain rising divorce rates? ›

Conflict theorists believe that divorce is a result of conflict over resources in a marriage. Just as in a society where groups are vying for limited resources, conflict theory believes that the breakdown of marriage results from competition for resources and power within the marriage.


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